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Looking to get your business online, or update/redesign your web site?
  • We're committed to staying informed on the best (although sometimes contradictory) web-design practices.
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Short list of things we consider when designing your site:
Your information: text, data, pictures, and perhaps sounds or multimedia. All of these are reviewed to determine the inherent "structure" of your site.

79% of surfers don't read web pages like they do books, they scan.[1]  This does not suggest that writing be "dumbed down," but rather that all text be concisely written.

A design that presents your content in a pleasing and "scannable" arrangement.

Surfers are often either searching for specific information or looking to be entertained. In either case, if you have what they want, a good navigation system helps them find it. We work with you to find the navigation appropriate for your information.

Browser compatibility
There are many different browsers, each of which may come in dozens of versions.[2]  We try to design sites that look good in the most popular browsers (and not too lame in the obscure ones).

The most common complaint among web surfers is: pages take too long to download.[3]  Thus, when practicable, we try to design pages that are quickly viewable (within 10 seconds, or less, on a 28.8 modem).
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